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Architectural Guidelines

The guidelines have been imposed to ensure a reasonable uniformity in residence size, roof style and exterior finish in order to create an atmosphere and visual appeal for the area.

NOTE: Changes to the guidelines are currently in progress. Check back soon for the latest Architectural Guidelines.


Rockwood in Warman
Come home to Rockwood in the City of Warman and live the true meaning of community. Family Oriented. Safe. Peaceful. Friendly. Ideally located in a quiet but vibrant setting, Rockwood offers the ambiance of urban living in a country setting. This family oriented development embraces the traditional prairie spirit and small town values, while offering residents big city amenities rich in lifestyle.

It was with this goal of quality of life that these guidelines were developed to establish a controlled neighbourhood character and to protect and enhance every owner's property values.

Another important aspect of these guidelines is that they are not intended to take the place of any Provincial or Municipal laws of regulations. In addition, compliance with these guidelines is a necessary component to all lot sale agreements and failure to comply shall put the owner in breach of the sale agreement.

Home Design
The house design that is desirable in Rockwood based highly on craftsman architecture. There are several required design elements that are utilized to achieve a consistent approach to the overall appearance of the dwellings as well as a number of preferred elements that are strongly encouraged. Some of the required elements include, but are not limited to, prominent front entries, pitched roofs, non-dominant garages, and selected exterior finish materials. Throughout the guidelines preferred design elements will be included and are strongly encouraged when appropriate.

Owners are encouraged to discuss the intent of the guidelines with a Rockwood Developments representative prior to plan submission in order to achieve an outcome that promotes individual tastes while maintaining the overall character of the neighbourhood.

IMPORTANT - Procedure
The application form which is attached to these guidelines must be submitted, along with one set of plans, to a Rockwood Developments Representative prior to making submission to the City of Warman for a Building Permit. Call 230-9903 to discuss methods is which applications may be submitted.


NOTE: Failure to comply with all the above set guidelines will result in Rockwood Developments and/or the Town of Warman filing a caveat on the property involved.


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